Sexy Zuppel Puppe [Sexy Zuppel Doll]

The Assembled Woman

Sexy Zuppel Puppe

Thursday, 9 December 2010 - 8:30pm

Dance Solo

i-camp / neues theater münchen
Entenbachstraße 37
81541 Munich

Info, Tickets:
0049-[0]89-65 00 00

16 €/reduced 10 €

Yvonne Pouget, Munich

In her dance solo, Sexy Zuppel Puppe [Sexy Zuppel Doll] – The Assembled Woman, Yvonne Pouget, a choreographer from Munich, deals with notions of femininity in Christian versus Muslim societies. Islam requires women to veil and their lives are governed by strict regulations.

In contrast, women in the West are supposedly free of constriction in that they are not obliged to wear any sort of veil and can show their bodies, although they are still pressured to conform to certain societal perceptions of beauty. The question of what constitutes real freedom for women in Islam and Christianity will be examined.

Following there will be a discussion with the philosopher Dr. Margaretha Huber.

Organisers: Yvonne Pouget in cooperation with the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich and i-camp/Neues Theater