Same Topic – Different Messages?

Comparing the Bible to the Koran

Gleiches Thema - unterschiedliche Botschaft?
Künstler: Shahid Alam, Foto: Horst Nogaijski

Monday, 25 October 2010 - 7:30pm

Dialogue Lecture

St. Markus Church
Gabelsberger Str. 6
80333 Munich

0049-[0]89-54 90 27-0

7.- € / 6.- € [reduced]

PD Dr. Stefan Wimmer, LMU, Friends of Abraham Society
Jutta Höcht-Stöhr, Director of the Munich Protestant Academy

The Bible and the Koran often address the same issues or tell stories about the same people. Do they do so with the same or with different intentions? What is their intention when describing the creation of the earth? What roles did Abraham, Moses, and Joseph, the most important characters in the Torah, play? And what does the Koran say about Mary and Jesus versus the Christian Bible? We will pay special attention to the various dividing and uniting aspects between the traditions of the three religions with reference to the examples of Koranic passages calligraphed onto the beechwood tablets displayed in the Divine Poetry exhibition, and their biblical counterparts.

Organisers: Munich Protestant Academy, St. Markus

Framework programme for the exhibition Divine Poetry