Sense of Self II


Sense of Self II

Thursday, 9 September 2010 - 8:30pm

Interdisciplinary Production

Muffatwerk, Studio
Zellstraße 4
81667 Munich

0049-[0]89-18 94 60 66

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Dali Touiti was born in Tunis and educated in France. He worked for the National Ballet of Tunisia and for the Cairo Opera Dance Theatre. After having had several engagements in Europe and beyond, he moved to Germany and has been living and working here permanently as a choreographer and dancer since 1999. He has already successfully completed numerous projects in Munich.

In Sense of Self II, Dali Touiti adopts a new choreographic approach by utilizing the intersecting elements between dance and the fine arts in a productive way. In this performance, staged in cooperation with students of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, he makes his own body the object of vivid procedures normally used only when working with stone or metal. Dali Touiti incorporates his cultural origins by raising the questions of self-perception and means of expression, interaction and intercultural communication.

A discussion with the artist after the performance will address his experiences regarding the reception of his works in both Europe and the Arab world.

Organisers: Dali Touiti in cooperation with the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich and Muffatwerk.